Indie film shot in Algarve premieres at Flyway Film Festival in USA

independent film algarve

With scenes filmed in Algarve, Portugal, independent movie “Exposure” is premiering at the Flyway Film Festival in Wisconsin, USA from October 19-21.

Flyway Film Festival’s mission is to bring the best in independent film to the Lake Pepin area of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the purposes of cultural enrichment, community-building, arts education, and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

Shot in Algarve, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Wisconsin, USA, “Exposure” follows the break up of a relationship between two women, from each of their perspectives. The film stars Geerteke van Lierop (Jo) and Erica Anderson (Rachel), and explores their intertwined journeys of self-reflection and contemplation as they work through the disjointed narrative built on the memories of their relationship.

independent film algarve
Still from “Exposure”

“Exposure” was directed by Longship Films co-founder and multiple award winner, Kristjan Knigge, who won the ‘Breakout Filmmaker Award’ at the Flyway Festival in 2015 for the the first feature film made with the agile approach, “Second Honeymoon.”

Contrary to typical industry filmmaking which works from a pre-established script, shooting schedule, and marketing plan, Longship’s method utilizes flexibility and responsiveness to start filming without these finalized components. The shooting process starts without a full script, relying on a capable team of film professionals to adapt the concepts and characters based on whatever is put in their path.

As in agile development, the team must be highly skilled and well functioning to succeed in creating a work of art under tight time constraints.

Chris Parker, Producer of Exposure and co-founder of Longship Films, explains the benefit or their method, “Because we are not bound by the limitations of the traditional industry and methods, we can make the movies which are a joy to create and which we believe will really trigger and impact the audience.”

Longship Films produce engaging and consumable feature films, combining independent filmmaking with agile software development methods and is finalizing its release strategy for “Exposure,” which is expected to be released before Christmas this year.

The Flyway Film Festival seeks films that open our eyes to new ways of seeing the world: films by directors with varied backgrounds and surprising viewpoints; films with strong and engaging storylines; films that present us with enlightening, hopeful perceptions of our fellow human beings.

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