Man carrying ‘5K doses’ of cocaine detained at Lisbon airport

cocaine lisbon airport

A man carrying 72 pellets of cocaine, equating more than 5,000 doses, is arrested and detained at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport, Portguese media reported on Monday.

Portugal’s Public Security Police (PSP) at Lisbon’s international airport detained a 29-year-old man, who, by his own initiative, handed over to the police “several pellets of cocaine” that he had concealed on his person.

At around 9PM on Saturday the 29-year-old man went to the PSP at Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport and delivered several pellets of cocaine while “expressing regret,” according to multiple Portuguese media sources.

The man was then detained and attended to clinically, which led the PSP to uncover a total of 72 pellets of cocaine, which is enough for more than five thousand doses, according to the multiple reports.

He was detained in the Portuguese capital while en route to the Netherlands, beginning his journey initially in Brazil.

Major Drug Bust in Algarve Last July

On July 17, the Faro District Command, through its Portimão Criminal Investigation Station, detained a 29-year-old Portuguese citizen for drug trafficking.

This arrest followed an investigation by the Criminal Investigation Station of Portimão to combat drug trafficking throughout western Algarve.

Over the course of about a year, PSP believed it had gathered sufficient evidence regarding the activity of the suspect.

In that sequence, a device was set up to intercept him, and a patrol was ordered to stop the vehicle in which he was being transported. Immediately there were indications that he was in possession of a narcotic product, which was confirmed.

cocaine lisbon airport

Some 160 doses of Ecstasy and 95 doses of cocaine were found with the man. It should also be noted that the suspect also drove his vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 2.44 g / l, which is illegal.

After that, a home search was carried out at his place of residence, and a large quantity of drugs was seized, a total of more than 11 kg, as well as prohibited weapons and a monetary amount believed to be the product of his illicit activity.

The PSP believed that the detainee would be one of the main suppliers of narcotic drugs to other traffickers in the Algarve region.

With this police operation, which was supported by the Tourist Security Team of the Police Division of Portimão and the Technical Police Section of the Criminal Investigation Center, the Faro District Command believed that it had dealt a severe blow to this type of crime, public tranquility of the region’s community.

Total seizures:
– Ecstasy (tablets) – equivalent to 67,565 doses (about 21,000 tablets).
– Cannabis (liamba) – equivalent to 16,375 doses.
– Amphetamines (crystals) – equivalent to 2,364 doses.
– Hashish (pollen) – equivalent to 101 doses.
– Cocaine (powder) – equivalent to 106 doses.
– TOTAL OF SEIZED NARCOTIC DRINK: equivalent to 86,511 – eighty-six thousand, five hundred and eleven doses.
– 1 Firearm, size 6.35, 2 shippers and 11 ammunition (was stolen during an assault on a residence in the Odiáxere area in 2017)
– 1 Electric weapon – Taser
– 1 Extensible batten
– 1 Precision scale
– 1 Vehicle and about 6,000 euros in cash.

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