Portuguese film producer FIM creates promotional adventure flick shot in Portugal

Portuguese film producer Forever in Movies (FIM) wrote and produced the latest promotional film from the American company Skyhour, called “Every Second Counts.”

Filmed in Portugal, the movie tells the story of Kevin, a young American who, through “skyhours” offered by his family and friends, decides to come and visit the country. On his journey, Kevin takes a ride from a group of young people and ends up following them in a unique adventure that will traverse all four corners of Portugal.

With the idea by FIM Founder ​​Rui Malvarez and the performance by André C. Santos, the film “Skyhour: Every Second Counts” had a total of five days of shooting in 16 locations across more than 1,850 kms.

FIM returns to show the reason for the confidence of the American company Skyhour in its work, through a movie full of adrenaline, but with unique moments of contemplation.

“It is difficult to be indifferent to the multiplicity of plans and chambers, which make the narrative very enveloping and with a singular aesthetic,” said Malvarez in a statement.

The American company Skyhour, which sells flight hours that can be redeemed in more than 350 airlines worldwide, intends, with this film, to show that its skyhours are “the best gift in the world” because they “allow us to travel wherever we want, when want and live the best experiences of our lives.”

“This film is the mirror of our team’s key values and attitude. We write films without obeying the formulas, we produce with versatility and we carry them out with risk to always be in the vanguard,” said Malvarez in a statement.

The FIM founder added, “More than being proud to continue this path of internationalization, I am completely surrendered to our team that has transformed the script into an addictive piece with an incredible crescendo of emotions.”

With only two years of age, FIM continues to prove to be one of the great sensations of audiovisual production in Portugal, especially for its ability to create and document stories that are inspiring and effective for the brands it represents, according to a press release by the company.

Also Shot in Portugal

Last month, independent movie “Exposure,” which was shot partially in Algarve, Portugal, premiered at the Flyway Film Festival in Wisconsin, USA from October 19-21.

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Flyway Film Festival’s mission is to bring the best in independent film to the Lake Pepin area of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the purposes of cultural enrichment, community-building, arts education, and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

independent film algarve

Shot in Algarve, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Wisconsin, USA, “Exposure” follows the break up of a relationship between two women, from each of their perspectives. The film stars Geerteke van Lierop (Jo) and Erica Anderson (Rachel), and explores their intertwined journeys of self-reflection and contemplation as they work through the disjointed narrative built on the memories of their relationship.

“Exposure” was directed by Longship Films co-founder and multiple award winner, Kristjan Knigge, who won the ‘Breakout Filmmaker Award’ at the Flyway Festival in 2015 for the the first feature film made with the agile approach, “Second Honeymoon.”

Chris Parker, Producer of Exposure and co-founder of Longship Films, explains the benefit or their agile method, “Because we are not bound by the limitations of the traditional industry and methods, we can make the movies which are a joy to create and which we believe will really trigger and impact the audience.”

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